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Welcome to the Dryland Cotton Website

Welcome to the dryland cotton website. This initiative aims to provide support and reference material for current and new dryland cotton growers within the Australian cotton industry.

Right now is an exciting time for the whole of the Australian cotton industry, but for dryland cotton growers especially. Now in the process of harvesting one of the highest yielding dryland cotton crops in history. Yields are being achieved well beyond expectations, even in areas where only five years ago dryland cotton would have not been considered a cropping option. Hopefully we will see growers rewarded handsomely for their efforts throughout the season.

Over the last couple of summers there has been a continuing expansion in the area planted to dryland cotton. More and more farmers have discovered the returns it can offer but also the simplification in production coming from improvements in variety and biotechnology, and also the crop rotation benefits cotton offers.

I would encourage you not only to enter your photos into the competition to win an IPad, but also take some time to explore and read the site. Familiarize yourself with the many useful tools, watch the videos, provide feedback, questions or join the discussion on this blog.



James Quinn

Extension and development Agronomist

Cotton Seed Distributors