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CottonInfoCottonInfo: Connecting growers with research

Australian cotton growers have always been quick to embrace research and development (R&D), with many of the industry’s major achievements (such as pesticide use reduction) resulting from the application of research findings on farm.

Ensuring raingrown cotton growers know about the research outcomes and information is the role of CottonInfo, a joint program delivered by cotton industry bodies Cotton Australia, the Cotton Research and Development Corporation and Cotton Seed Distributors.

CottonInfo is designed to help growers to improve their productivity and profitability via best practice (working hand in hand with myBMP), and helping the industry as a whole become more responsive to emerging, or emergency, issues.

The CottonInfo team of regional development officers, technical specialists and myBMP experts can provide you with the latest information, driven by research, on a range of raingrown cotton topics – from soil health and plant nutrition to biosecurity and stewardship.

For more, visit the CottonInfo website