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Selecting a variety and seed treatment

Some cotton varieties are much more suited to dryland conditions than others, so it is important that a lot of thought is put into variety selection. Varieties typically well suited to dryland conditions have:

  • Vigorous in-growth so they can respond quickly when moisture is available
  • Inherently good fibre quality – particularly staple length
  • A history of good performance in a region

Typical growing conditions in eastern Australian are shown below:

View the Cotton Map

Key characteristics of Bollgard II® stacked with Roundup Ready Flex® varieties that are currently available include:

Siokra 24BRF

Hot Dryland

Sicala 340BRF 

Central Hot Dryland

Sicot 71BRF

Central Hot Dryland Cool

Sicot 74BRF 

Central Hot Dryland

Siokra V-18BRF 

Central Hot Dryland

Sicot 75BRF 

Central Hot Dryland

Seed treatments

For further information on selecting a variety, including which seed treatment to use please refer to the CSD Variety Guide and the 2014 CSD variety trial results.