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Refuge calculator

Growers planting Bollgard II® and Bollgard® 3 cotton are required to grow a refuge crop (sprayed cotton, unsprayed cotton or pigeon pea) that is capable of producing large numbers of Helicoverpa spp. moths which have not been exposed to selection with the Bt proteins Cry1Ac, Cry2Ab and Vip3A.

By entering your amount of land and the amount of Bollgard II and Bollgard 3  cotton you intend to plant, you can find out what area refuge you will need to grow, for each of the refuge crop options.



Calculate your required refuge area for Bollgard II and Bollgard 3

Calculate how much more cotton you could potentially grow with Bollgard 3

For more information on refuges, refer to the Bollgard 3 Resistance Management Plan.