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Cotton Compass is an interactive cotton marketing news service – publishing a weekly newsletter specifically tailored to high quality Australian cotton growers, cotton traders, input suppliers and textile industry participants in SE Asia, North Asia and the subcontinent.

Principals Rob Imray, of Farmarco Australia Pty Ltd and Pete Johnson of Left Field Solutions Pty Ltd combine to bring a range of analytical and physical cotton marketing skills and experience to the table. They don’t always agree on where the market is going – but that’s part of the fun. When you subscribe to Cotton Compass, you receive weekly market analysis of the factors affecting the market for Australian cotton and other premium upland growths – including futures, cash and foreign exchange markets. We look at issues specifically affecting Australian cotton growers and Australian cotton markets – including farm level gross margins comparisons, cotton price targets at both farm and mill level, and physical cotton commitment estimates.

Cotton Compass also provides industry leading Australian cotton production estimates, and logistics models. We involve our subscribers in the collection of our data and opinion – giving you ownership of the report, and providing a valuable real-time benchmarking tool for your business. That’s the Cotton Compass point of difference.

Each week, Cotton Compass also takes an in depth look at a key market factors affecting a specific sector of the industry, including farm level gross margin comparisons, price targets at both farm and mill level, and physical cotton commitment estimates.  To subscribe to Cotton Compass, visit the website.

As an example of the useful information you’ll find in Cotton Compass, some recent articles include:

Futures Volatility                              – up for the week but losing love Friday

Chinese buying                                – but focused elsewhere

Updated Balance Sheets                  – we take a look at our annual balance sheets

2014 Lint exports                             – we take a look at some export stats

To subscribe to Cotton Compass, visit the website.